Single That
A critically acclaimed Book addressing Toxic ideas about Women and Dating

Discover how to turn your relationship fears into fuel.

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    "Single That is a well-written, comprehensive look at the misconceptions of single life. The level of honesty and openness Acamea utilizes to discuss the double standards of dating within society sparks such a powerful and controversial conversation that I was often forced to grapple with my own thoughts and opinions on how single people are viewed in the eyes of others. This was truly an insightful and unique read!"

    Lyric Dodson

    Copy Editor, Blavity Inc.

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    What is Single That about?

    Discover the audacity to be comfortable and confident with every relationship status.

    Single That gives you an insider perspective on women and dating that will make you laugh and leave you feeling empowered. You'll get an immediate nudge toward the belief that you, alone, are enough.

    Whether single, dating, in a relationship, or in between, this practical guide offers authentic advice on being happy with who and where you are.

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